The first thing I look at in the morning is the outside light. I try to see the world a bit differently each day scrutinizing the quality of light, often walking along the beach to watch the water, noticing the light dancing on the surface or regarding the long shadows of the afternoon.

I have been shooting professionally since 2000. Education is important to me as a teacher and student and I continue to take photography workshops in the Northeast and internationally focusing on new techniques, projects and aesthetics.  My work has been exhibited in the tri-state area and published in magazines.

In 2011 I took an iPhone Photography workshop taught by Dan Burkholder; little did I know what a transformative experience that would be for my work as a professional photographer.  While exploring new apps and post-processing, I have been using my iPhone for part of my work since then.  There is always something new to discover, to explore, to evaluate for my photography. I still use conventional camera equipment and love my Nikon and Olympus bodies but the iPhone is the camera I always have with me.

In the past two years I have developed an iPhone Photography Workshop that is a delight to teach. Participants learn to use their iPhones as a camera and then edit images during class. As photography moves into yet another new arena, it is exciting to see these newest directions, the experimentation and acceptance and the results and successes.  Of special interest to me is the individual excitement and enthusiasm I see in students as they learn about their iPhone's capabilities; the "aha' moments are indeed priceless.

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About Julie Stauffer